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“Excellent data privacy collection of modern day terms and definitions for daily practice. A must have for everyone involved with privacy and data protection” 

Hardcover, >  750 pages (FC)

ISSN            2666-5689

ISBN/EAN   978-94-93074-16-3

NUR             820

BISAC           LAW116000  


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A Unique and highly valued collection of privacy and data protection for daily use

This unique collection of over 9,000 multidisciplinary privacy and data protection terms and definitions, acronyms and lemmas constitutes the first ever dictionary in these fields. It is multidisciplinary in the sense that it also contains terms and definitions from fields such as IT, law, security, compliance and ethics because these fields are often closely linked to privacy and data protection. The dictionary is carefully composed by a special team of lexicologists and seasoned senior privacy and data protection experts (headed by editor-in-chief and much appraised data protection professor mr drs Romeo F. Kadir) to provide the user with amongst others:

  • A structured overview of leading privacy and data protection resources of privacy and data protection terms and definitions for every employee
  • An Ideal independent primary resource for:
    • privacy and data protection management practices
    • rationale based implementation measures in the areas of IT, law, security, compliance and ethics
    • internal discussion and strategic purposes
    • rationale based support for policy purposes
    • rationale based implementation measures
    • discussion with data protection authorities (DPAs)
    • legal defence lawyers and practitioners
    • basis and advances self-study and education
    • tackling privacy and data protection compliance issues
    • data protection issue management
  • And many more purposes to the benefit of specific users


Unique collection for professional practice,  research, study and analysis

This world premier publication is of relevance for a large audience (students, academicians and professionals), amongst which:

  • Lawyers
  • Security Officer
  • Compliance Officers
  • Ethics Officers
  • IT Officers
  • Auditors
  • Data Specialists
  • GDPR managers
  • Data protection officers (DPOs)
  • Privacy Officers
  • GDPR lawyers
  • GDPR IT specialists
  • GDPR IT lawyers
  • GDPR compliance specialists
  • GDPR security specialists
  • CISOs
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Data Officers (CDOs)
  • Head of Privacy Policy
  • Head of Legal Affairs
  • VP Digital Ethics
  • AI Thought leaders
  • Head of AO / IC
  • Data privacy activists
  • GDPR business model managers
  • General Counsels
  • All other employees / officers / experts involved with the EU GDPR.


Unique collection for professional practice,  research, analysis  and study

This publication is based on the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) resources are used and reorganized in a structured (alphabetical), systemic, accessible order to produce a collection that meet the first (and advanced) knowledge needs of those who are professionally (qualitate qua, for example as controller, employee, consultant, scholar etc.) or personally (as a citizen or data subject) engaged in the field of privacy and data protection.

With more than 9,000 privacy and data protection related terms and definitions, the user of this unique dictionary is equipped with a solid primary resource.  


Unique added value and user friendly design for daily practice and use

A special team of lexicologists and seasoned senior privacy and data protection experts (headed by editor-in-chief professor mr drs Romeo F. Kadir) has carefully selected and redesigned relevant privacy and data protection terms and definitions with the explicit aim to provide users of this unique dictionary with a:

  • Well-structured alphabetical order
  • User friendly lemma design
  • User friendly font (type and size)
  • User friendly (portable) cover size
  • User friendly reference to primary resources
  • User friendly reference to EU GDPR
  • User friendly selection of multidisciplinary terms and definitions


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“A must have for every data privacy and data protection professional”

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